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Wiring Florida Since 1958

For over half a century, Tri-City has provided a level of personal attention, professional experience, timely performance, and genuine value that has become Florida’s construction industry standard for excellence.

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The company offers unparalleled và award-winning expertise in commercial, health care, entertainment, theme park, office buildings, hotels, government, schools, special projects, industrial, multi-family, residential projects, and more. Based on sound business practices & management, Tri-City provides vast bonding capađô thị & human resources for projects of all sizes. Whatever the assignment, Tri-City can handle every project phase from initial kiến thiết khổng lồ final warranty.

With over 800 field và tư vấn staff statewide và offices located in Altamonte Springs (Orlando), Tampa, Ft. Myers, & Pompano Beach (South Atlantic Tri-City), Tri-City can handle any project from start khổng lồ finish, from wire to wire — locally and throughout the State of Floridomain authority. Our markets include:

Extremely talented workforce

“We have enjoyed working with Tri-City, a firm that demonstrates a high degree of integrity & employs an extremely talented workforce.”

Ken W. Petterson, Manager of Pre-Construction Services Hensel Phelps Construction Company



From complete Central Energy Plant retrofits to lớn sophisticated specialty systems, Tri-City Electrical Contractors, Inc. has exceptional experience with unique medical facility applications. Our installations include main power distribution, emergency generator power back-up, power xúc tích và ngắn gọn monitoring & the integration of complete fire alarm, nurse điện thoại tư vấn, CCTV và CATV systems.

Our dedicated health care team consists of estimators, project managers & superintendents, who have a thorough knowledge of the NEC, state và local codes, as well as ACHA standards and have sầu a combined 225 years of award winning experience.

We have sầu the capability to service at any stage of development, from new construction lớn tăng cấp to complete retrofit. With expertise in w wide range of projects, we can accommodate the quality needs & specialty systems necessary for everything from doctors’ offices lớn complete hospital facilities.

Health Care Contact: Matt Hardy Matt.Hardy


Floridomain authority Hospital Sanford Burnđắm say Institute

Orlanbởi, Floridomain authority General Contractors: Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC Completed: 2012


Tri-City has specialized experience in the unique requirements of the hospitality industry. Throughout the state of Florida, Tri-City has handled numerous high-rise hotels, prestigious renovations, themed facilities and urban meeting complexes.

From high-capathành phố electrical requirements to the demanding needs of 5-star resorts, Tri-City has demonstrated a standard of performance that has positioned the company as the state’s leading electrical contractor.

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Four Seasons Resort, Walt Disney World

General Contractor: Turner Construction Company Completed: 2014 Award of Merit, ABC Central Florida Chapter, Excellence in Construction Awards


Florida’s growth continues at a record pace và Tri-City Electrical Contractors, Inc. is uniquely equipped to provide for the wide range of multi-family projects being developed.

From residential apartments and upscale vacation ownership resorts to military housing, Tri-City works with contractors to deliver complete packages. Specialty considerations include landscape lighting, clubhouse installations, garage door openers, energy efficiency extras like ceiling fans & lighting fixtures, pool area amenities & fitness center applications.


Trinity Club Apartments

New Port Richey, FL General Contractor: Walker và Company Completed: 2012


Modern schools provide diverse challenges for electrical contractors. Tri-City has more than answered the Gọi with impressive sầu, complete package installations that include an integrated array of applications, features and systems. Advanced giải pháp công nghệ applications are found in CCT, security systems, lightning protection, voice/data và fire alarms. Basic features include central cloông xã, gymnasium, shop rooms and library. Finally, specialty systems range from audio-visual centers to customized theatrical and sports stadium lighting.

Tri-City is also highly experienced in both on-campus và off-campus student housing complexes, many with all the amenities included in higher-over apartment complexes. Tri-City understands demanding construction schedules và works with owner, client & all trades khổng lồ ensure landmark dates are met & students can arrive sầu as scheduled.


Plaza on University (off-campus student housing)

Orlanvì, FL General Contractor: Winter Park Construction Completed: năm ngoái Eagle Award, Central Floridomain authority Chapter Excellence in Construction Awards


Tri-City Electrical Contractors, Inc. has proven lớn be the contractor of choice for the broad spectrum of entertainment projects offered in Floridomain authority. From sports arenas khổng lồ theme parks khổng lồ casinos, Tri-City delivers the unique performance necessary for demanding applications.

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Tri-City has the experience và expertise to lớn work with advanced lighting systems, state-of-the-art sound systems, theater installations & other advanced systems while meeting aggressive completion schedules, accommodating restrictive sầu access requirements and frequent collaboration with clients’ creative partners.


Feature The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

Orlanbởi, FL General Contractor: Balfour Beatty Construction Completed: năm trước Eagle Award, ABC Central Floridomain authority Chapter, năm ngoái Excellence in Construction Awards


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